Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Something about the rain in San Diego

First off, hopefully not too many folks have happened across this blog, considering I started this thing, then it sort of sat while the rest of my life took over. Truthfully, there has been a pile of exposed film sitting on the passenger seat of my car for about 3 weeks that I just haven't gotten the motion to get to the lab.

Well, it takes what it takes, I guess. A spark of inspiration came in the form of something that, while probably really mundane seemed so novel. Despite not ACTUALLY being in the street (as the blog would suggest), the inspiration came from an otherwise common occurrence, which is in essence what this whole thing is about in the first place.

There is something about rain in San Diego though. Admittedly, the weather (or lack thereof) is one of the main attractions of San Diego. That said, when the sky turns angry and the rain starts to fall, the city takes on such an unusual feel. This town never one to lose it's identity, during the midst of the rainstorm, was a stunning, vivid orange sunset.

There was more rain predicted yesterday, though that didnt happen. Hopefully leaving time and lack of excuses to get a few more rolls through the Mamiya. Maybe I'll actually process the film soon too!

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