Saturday, February 20, 2010

Inviting Chaos

I suppose that it's true that simplicity is often the best approach.

Though I don't suppose there is particularly anything unusual or insightful about this photo, it just struck me as a pleasant find. The earthy color of the building seems to compliment the chaotic arrangements of the branches, which feel as if they are growing directly out of the equally chaotic arrangement of the conduits and piping along the wall.

I'm intrigued by the inherit warmness of this structure. Even though the individual elements of the photo, such as the padlock, the unkempt branches, and the painted screens inside the roughly cut portholes have a run down, almost hostile look, when combined they have a warm, almost inviting appearance.

Perhaps, there is something comforting in the idea of chaos itself. We really did just ascend out of chaos anyway. Perhaps amidst the grids, formats and dictation by external sources about the "orderly" way that we are supposed to be, a base part of us still finds comfort in it.

Perhaps, this is just Hillcrest's equivalent of a comfy old pair of slippers that you just can't seem to throw out.

Though, in keeping with simplicity, the most likely thing is that it's just an old building.

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