Sunday, February 14, 2010

I love photos with movement in them. There is something intriguing about being able to capture a sense of motion on a medium intended for still imagery. This one was captured on a particular day when I didn’t think I would wind up with much, which except for this, turned out to be about right.

This one struck me as an example of finding that balance between creating art, and allowing art to happen. While the camera settings required to capture moving water were obviously intentional, this, the third in a series of shots, contained the unknown of what the people were going to do. Given this was a rather “chancy” setup to begin with (2 seconds @ ƒ32 handheld using a beam of the pier for support), it turns out they appear almost as if they are created by, and are somehow a part of the motion of the water.

movement motion beach pier rain balance art chance water tm t.m. t. m. cleland san diego pacific beach california

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