Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Stumbling across balance.

I have always said this was supposed to be about finding balance. I suppose short of happening across some street gymnasts or tight-rope walkers (which at this point wouldn't be that much of a surprise), this is about the best I'm going to get in a literal sense.

When I saw this initially I looked at my friend and said “that looks fun,” followed immediately by “I would fall, my balance isn't that good.” Up came the camera.

Usually I have some idea what I'm going to write before I decide whether I will post it. Though I admit with this one I am struggling a bit to write this. Oddly, I know what I want to say, but I just can't seem to fit it into the confines of English! Perhaps that is due to a level of imbalance in my own life right now.

I do believe that things ultimately balance each other out; that each disturbance is settled by some restoration to order, or even a great joy elsewhere. Of course, to the person being disturbed, this may be of little comfort in this idea that this chaos is working out well for someone else. Perhaps when we hear “this too shall pass,” it simply means that both the ups and the downs will eventually stabilize. Even though I'm posting this where anyone could happen across it, it’s becoming evident this photo, and this topic were something I needed to think about.

The diamond-like reflections that show the waves are in fact evidence of disturbances evening themselves out, whether it be the stabilization of his small waves, or the larger wakes caused by the powerboats and jet skis he is sharing the bay with. Hopefully to this man, it is simply a beautiful day that he gets to spend on the water.

For me, I suppose it's the reminder that when things don't seem to be going all that well, that it IS in fact temporary, and the pendulum is going to swing the other way at some point. In the meantime, I have to remember to take the time to enjoy the days where I can. For as struggles will pass, so will the time between them.

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